The story of Lost DownUnder has not been published as a printed book, nor as an e-book. Instead it will be provided here in chapter form by the writer Lena Nilsson.

Have you ever wondered what is under the Nullarbor Plain in Western Australia? Did you know that millions of years ago, as landmasses drifted apart, an ancient continent became hidden?

The Panghellan Lands, under the dusty crust, is filled with limestone caves, blowholes, tunnels, waterlogged terrain, swamps, sinkholes, dried out seabeds and strangely growing forests.

Enter the puzzling land on purpose, or by mistake, and you may be doomed.

There is no way out – not without the keystone.

Lost DownUnder is a chilling fantasy adventure mixed with old fashioned magic. Suitable for 9-12 year olds, or much older, if in need of a bit of easy reading. You’re never too old to escape into a different world.

© Lena Nilsson. All rights reserved.

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