Last Day in Hobart, Tasmania

2nd of December 2013 at Constitution Dock, Hobart, Tasmania

On our last day of our two week long trip to Tassie, we had just enough time for three different and important things to do in the one area.

First we had lunch at Mures on the Constitution Dock at 11 am. Yes, I know, that’s early, but we had to have something to eat before our flight was to leave and we knew there would be no other time because of our plans. And we were already hungry since we had been up early.

As we were eating our lunch quietly at Mures, we noticed a girl, a European tourist sitting just outside under the eave. Suddenly, she left her table without having finished her meal. Maybe a visit to the lady’s room. As soon as she had left, a lightning blitz happened as a crowd of seagulls dug into her food in a frenzy. There was no time for us to try and rescue anything. By the time it happened, it was already too late. When she returned, she was shocked. The seagulls were still at it. Well, this probably taught her a lesson not to leave her plate unattended.



After lunch we went over to Salamanca. All tourists want to see and feel Salamanca. It’s a must on a trip to Hobart. We wanted to stroll around to watch and breathe in the exclusive atmosphere of the market place with al fresco restaurants and coffee shops one last time. On the weekends, the place is covered in market stalls selling everything from crafts to Tasmanian produce of all kinds. We had time for coffees, which was good.





Weekend Markets below.

Last Day in Hobart 20





Then we had something very exciting left to do on this day, the 2nd of December 2013, with just enough time before our flight home to Perth. We went over to visit the replica of Mawson’s Hut. This was on the exact day and time it opened for the very FIRST TIME.

The 2nd of December was the 102nd anniversary of the departure from Hobart of the Australasian Antarctic expedition 1911-14 which Douglas Mawson led.

As we arrived at the hut, we were told to wait outside until the dignitaries were finished with their visit. We were to be the first visitors from the public. Before all the special people had departed, we were allowed in. It was exciting to see all the exhibits, but it was hot in the hut and I was almost glad to be out after we had finished our tour with writing our names in the guestbook. So, for prosperity, we’re in THE FIRST BOOK. Maybe on the first or second page. I don’t remember now, but we have definitely gone down in history as amongst the very first visitors.


The Baltic pine used when they built the replica hut was sourced from Finland. The same source was used as 100 years earlier.




Below is Douglas Mawson’s bed with a gollywog as his mascot.




Below is the now “ancient” communication system used at the time.



Last photo in Hobart. We can’t wait to get back to the Apple Isle.

Exciting one day. More exciting the next.

Tasmania – Explore the possibilities!

For those interested to know more:

Mawson’s Huts Replica Museum


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