Chapter 11 – Graveyard

They sat on the boulders close to the kitchen area, watching as Ambrosius flitted about preparing a meal. He stirred in the potted indent before he went on to search the shelves. Charlie and Ben tried to help, but were waved away. A few minutes later, Ambrosius sat down to explain more on how toContinue reading “Chapter 11 – Graveyard”

Chapter 10 – Cave Dwelling

Jack feared for his life. Terrified, he snatched around the vines, and creepers to find something stronger. Another tree root hid behind the greenery. With a firm hold by using two hands, he managed to drag himself upwards, while the awkward tree branch still hung at his side. In a few daring moments, he hadContinue reading “Chapter 10 – Cave Dwelling”

Chapter 9 – Bafflebuff Puddle

Jack, Charlie and Ben stared into the opening. ‘No way! That hole is too small!’ said Jack. ‘Not even Ben fits in. What’s down there anyway?’ ‘I’m not doing it,’ said Charlie. ‘Snakes at the bottom? Not going in.’ ‘A shortcut. As such never recognised, not to my knowledge. Although with adequate room for all.Continue reading “Chapter 9 – Bafflebuff Puddle”

Chapter 8 – Terra Rowillian

A dark shape had twisted out from behind the boulders. ‘What did I tell you?’ said Ben, stepping to the side despite not feeling the least worried. At once the hunched figure wriggled forward to stand in front. Ben looked intently at the old man with a gaunt weather-beaten appearance. He was draped in aContinue reading “Chapter 8 – Terra Rowillian”

Chapter 7 – Flipped

The silence was deafening. Charlie called again. With no response, she rushed over to where she had last seen him. She walked along the wall, while trying to move some of the loose entangled roots out of the way. Jack came down fast, and then walked over to Charlie. ‘What’s going on?’ ‘Oh, I don’tContinue reading “Chapter 7 – Flipped”

Chapter 6 – Down and Under

Ben woke at sunrise and stretched lazily before he turned his head. The fire was dead and millions of insects were on the move. He felt itchy instantly.

Jack yawned, while crawling out of his sleeping bag. ‘So why didn’t you look after it?’

‘Do you want the good news, or the bad news first?’ said Ben.

Chapter 5 – Nullarbor

Back in his room, after the talk about their mum’s backpack, Ben took a shortcut to the left side to avoid the worst of his fishing lines. He fell down on the bed in one big swoop to listen to his iPod, until he had the bitter sweet idea of typing J A C KContinue reading “Chapter 5 – Nullarbor”

Chapter 4 – Hoarder

Ben’s room was like a boyish junkyard inside a web of fishing lines, tied left, right and center. Some were close to the floor and some were higher, some were tense, while others drifted loosely across from one wall to another. In this maze hung utensils, broken or bent, which sometimes turned the room into a rattling inferno if he, or someone else, accidentally walked into them.

Chapter 3 – Making Plans

The same evening, as Bill walked through the door of the house where he lived with his grandchildren, Jack, the oldest of them, sensed the tension and the gravity. ‘It looks like you’ve seen a ghost. What’s up?’

‘Well, you’re close. I’ve got something incredible to tell you and it might be better if you get the others first, so I don’t have to go through it all again. It’s about mum and dad.’

Chapter 2 – Find

The ‘Barker Rocks’ shop in Perth City was filled with minerals, gemstones and fossils. On a myriad of shelves, among bigger slabs of polished stone, were smaller stones and inside a large glass counter, under lock and key, were displays of the most sought after samples of the remarkable Marra Mamba. They were placed there together with red-striped tiger iron and big chunks of the best chrysoprase, from light yellow-green to the colour of bright green apples.