Chapter 22 – Earl Vanning

Ben was wary. With a scared face, he looked at Jack before they headed towards what was hidden behind the trees. As they approached the uncanny dwelling, Ben tried to read. ‘Vanning’s Para … something.’ ‘Yeah, it’s a weird sort of writing. Vanning’s Paraphernalia, I think it’s supposed to be.’ ‘Looks a bit creepy,’ saidContinue reading “Chapter 22 – Earl Vanning”

Chapter 21 – Trapped

Ben held up a pair of dirty, worn to oblivion, ugg boots. ‘What the …?’ He threw them to Jack. ‘Mum’s old uggies.’ ‘But … eh … we must’ve thrown them out years ago. Well, if they don’t fit, I’ll cut off the toes.’ ‘What?’ Ben stared at him. ‘Okay, I just meant the toeContinue reading “Chapter 21 – Trapped”

Merry Christmas

Now it’s Christmas time, and I still have many chapters left to publish. There will be more adventures before the story is finished. When I work through the chapters again, which I wrote a few years ago, some go faster, others take longer. But there will soon be a few more posted on this page.Continue reading “Merry Christmas”

Chapter 20 – Imprisoned

The new ways, taught by Jack and Ben, had not been experienced by the Yowies. They seemed to catch on, and were eager to learn. The boys had fun, and the days went fast. Every new development happened at lightning speed. In less than a week, some caves were abandoned when a few moved intoContinue reading “Chapter 20 – Imprisoned”

Chapter 19 – Development

Ben’s haphazardly plan to escape had failed, but deterred he was not. Next day he decided to come up with a new strategy. He needed to think, and strolled down to the riverside. While trying to make plans, he shuffled over the stony ground before he arrived at the area with small flat stones. HeContinue reading “Chapter 19 – Development”

Chapter 18 – The Note

There it was! Standing on top of a crumbling limestone boulder! A short distance away was another. Tears sprang to his eyes. He raced over to search through the many compartments. He sighed, and snivelled when he found Jack’s compass, and the notebook with Ambrosius’ maps. To get rid of the annoying snot, he wipedContinue reading “Chapter 18 – The Note”

Chapter 17 – Daily Journal

The writing on the piece of cloth was messy, but readable. Daily Journal by Bartholomew Finch Ben was intrigued. He quickly turned the cover. Baffling on the 17th of November 1965 If somebody some day from the country above finds this booklet, I want to tell a wee bit of who I am. I wasContinue reading “Chapter 17 – Daily Journal”

Chapter 16 – Tribal Eating

In the dusky light, the same evening, Ben watched as four campfires were lit. Yowies were busy moving around, as if preparing for something. His feelings of immediate threats had been blown away by their friendly manner. In the beginning, while things were happening all around him, stories were told. Many wanted to talk toContinue reading “Chapter 16 – Tribal Eating”

Chapter 15 – Baffling

Ben had chosen a different spot to the one Andy had picked to be the bush toilet. Instead of sitting on the horizontal tree branch, he had dug a small hole before crouching on the ground. When finished he scraped sandy dirt into the hole before he rubbed more on his hands for a quickContinue reading “Chapter 15 – Baffling”

Chapter 14 – Lost

Bill and Andy figured it was to be easy. Just walk on, locate the trail, and continue towards their first goal. The group took off in the same line as before with Bill last. The terrain changed constantly, as they ventured deeper into the mysterious forest. Limestone boulders hindered their way in places, and theyContinue reading “Chapter 14 – Lost”