Chapter 31 – Grim Islands

That night they camped with Bragdon at the foot of Lemirius Rock. He was the sole custodian of a cave overhang where he had the necessary items for his survival. There were animal hides, and baskets, some with edible stuff, which he had no trouble sharing. Simple decorations brightened up the place. Ben couldn’t help,Continue reading “Chapter 31 – Grim Islands”

Chapter 30 – The Mackle Ship

They stood on top of a hill searching the area in the distance. ‘Could that be Lemirius Rock?’ said Jack, squinting. Something red had sprung up in a hazy shimmer in the vicinity of a large expanse of water. ‘Must be,’ said Ben. ‘Didn’t Ambrosius tell us that the hellish prickle mesh covers the wholeContinue reading “Chapter 30 – The Mackle Ship”