Chapter 34 -Searching for Mr Finch

Ben, Andy, Angelica and Sinton, while invisible, searched through the corridors, rooms, and larger chambers. Mr Finch was nowhere to be found. ‘Let’s get back to the cells!’ said Andy. ‘Maybe he’s there now.’ They made their way to the prison part, but still no Mr Finch. ‘I know where he could be. In theContinue reading “Chapter 34 -Searching for Mr Finch”

Chapter 33 – Inside The Hostile Nest

Ben was excited. Without thinking, he was letting go of the others. He pointed, and shook his head vigorously, while whispering. ‘It’s not him! It’s not him!’ ‘What?’ Jack mouthed without uttering a sound, as he let go as well. All of a sudden everybody were in full view. This was more than dangerous evenContinue reading “Chapter 33 – Inside The Hostile Nest”

Chapter 32 – The Kernel Fortress

A misty cloud hovered over the Kernel Island, enclosed by water and islets. In its midst stood a remarkable haphazard stone structure walled in by high barricades with turrets, and spirals reaching upwards through a mass of foliage, which also covered a stack of balconies. What from a distance looked like windows were dark holesContinue reading “Chapter 32 – The Kernel Fortress”