Chapter 34 -Searching for Mr Finch

Ben, Andy, Angelica and Sinton, while invisible, searched through the corridors, rooms, and larger chambers. Mr Finch was nowhere to be found. ‘Let’s get back to the cells!’ said Andy. ‘Maybe he’s there now.’ They made their way to the prison part, but still no Mr Finch. ‘I know where he could be. In theContinue reading “Chapter 34 -Searching for Mr Finch”

Chapter 33 – Inside The Hostile Nest

Ben was excited. Without thinking, he was letting go of the others. He pointed, and shook his head vigorously, while whispering. ‘It’s not him! It’s not him!’ ‘What?’ Jack mouthed without uttering a sound, as he let go as well. All of a sudden everybody were in full view. This was more than dangerous evenContinue reading “Chapter 33 – Inside The Hostile Nest”

Chapter 32 – The Kernel Fortress

A misty cloud hovered over the Kernel Island, enclosed by water and islets. In its midst stood a remarkable haphazard stone structure walled in by high barricades with turrets, and spirals reaching upwards through a mass of foliage, which also covered a stack of balconies. What from a distance looked like windows were dark holesContinue reading “Chapter 32 – The Kernel Fortress”

Chapter 31 – Grim Islands

That night they camped with Bragdon at the foot of Lemirius Rock. He was the sole custodian of a cave overhang where he had the necessary items for his survival. There were animal hides, and baskets, some with edible stuff, which he had no trouble sharing. Simple decorations brightened up the place. Ben couldn’t help,Continue reading “Chapter 31 – Grim Islands”

Chapter 30 – The Mackle Ship

They stood on top of a hill searching the area in the distance. ‘Could that be Lemirius Rock?’ said Jack, squinting. Something red had sprung up in a hazy shimmer in the vicinity of a large expanse of water. ‘Must be,’ said Ben. ‘Didn’t Ambrosius tell us that the hellish prickle mesh covers the wholeContinue reading “Chapter 30 – The Mackle Ship”

Chapter 29 – Marra Mamba

First there was a tad bit of red showing. With more exposed, Ben noticed the many bands of colours. By then, he became impatient. ‘What’s that hidden in there?’ He tried to help, but Howie refused to let him. When Bill saw the mass of colours shining through the muddled net of stitches, his breathingContinue reading “Chapter 29 – Marra Mamba”

Chapter 28 – The Cellar Vein

Ben went back inside. ‘Hey, Jack, I think we should take a look at what’s down in the cellar. Behind all those doors could be something really interesting, don’t you think?’ Jack’s eyes opened, drowsily, before he yawned. ‘You go … if you find that so exciting. Come and get me if you find …Continue reading “Chapter 28 – The Cellar Vein”

Chapter 27 – The Milk-like Eye Patch

Agrimona folded away bunches of webbed tresses, and twirled roots hanging down, to get to the cupboard. She got hold of a stone rod, which looked like a pestle, before she grabbed a bowl with a thick white liquid, resembling thick cream more than milk. Leaning back, she poured the white substance, as a coveringContinue reading “Chapter 27 – The Milk-like Eye Patch”

Chapter 26 – Boab Plute

The unlikely trio of two boys, one shorter, and one taller, together with a monkey-like figure struggled through the untamed terrain. They were tired and hungry, but hopeful to meet up with the others soon. Just as dusk was falling, they discovered the many trees lingering in the distance. ‘Must be here then. Or whatContinue reading “Chapter 26 – Boab Plute”

Chapter 25 – Back at the Camp

Andy, Charlie and Whistler hung around the camp. They waited by keeping the campfire going, but had stopped searching for Bill, Jack and Ben, who had all disappeared. Days went by slowly, but surely. Charlie and Andy learned more from Whistler, and his own story every day. Whistler had a couple of stringy sinews tuckedContinue reading “Chapter 25 – Back at the Camp”