Tessellated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck, Port Arthur, Tasmania

Tasmania is an island state situated south of the Australian landmass. If you drive an hour south of Hobart, which is the capital, you may end up at Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula. This is also on the road leading to Port Arthur.

At Eaglehawk is a strip of land called the Neck. It’s only 30 meters wide at one point and 400 meters long. This thin piece of land connects the Tasman Peninsula to the Forestier Peninsula. Steps lead down to the shoreline where it may be possible to walk on the tessellated pavement, but be aware of that this is a tidal area.

In the times when Port Arthur held convicts in the penitentiary and someone tried to escape, the narrow Eaglehawk Neck stopped them. At that point the authorities had set up a so called Dog Line, which was a line of dogs chained together to form a barrier. Must have been almost impossible to break through unless the convict brought a load of meat to feed the hungry beasts.

You can read more about the natural geological curiosity of the Tessellated Pavement on the net. Other nearby wonders are the Tasman’s Arch, the Devil’s Kitchen and the Blowhole. Some similar formation is the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

tessellated pavement 6

It’s mind boggling how nature was able to produce almost perfect squares and rectangles.

tessellated pavement 7

Here we have some almost perfect steps. It’s quite interesting to imagine them to be real steps. But, of course, they were not, since there is a geological explanation to this phenomena.

tessellated pavement

I find it intriguing to see all those squares and rectangles, which look so well made. It’s like a paved area from ancient times.

tessellated pavement 4


tessellated pavement 2

A short track leads to steps where you can get down to the pavement.

tessellated pavement 5

Here you are! Be aware of tides! There are times when you cannot walk on the pavement.

tessellated pavement 3

On our trip to the Tessellated Pavement at Eaglehawk Neck, we travelled on to Port Arthur, which is an old convict colony. A beautiful place now, but not in the past for many reasons.

tessellated pavement 9

On a cloudy day with a bit of rain.

tessellated pavement 8

The grounds include many ornamental trees such as this old oak tree. European trees were planted on the grounds and in some private gardens from the 1830’s.

tessellated pavement 10

This was the penitentiary at Port Arthur. The sombre building seems to be the most photographed at this historic site.

This website has extensive information about the History of Port Arthur.