Chapter 30 – The Mackle Ship

They stood on top of a hill searching the area in the distance. ‘Could that be Lemirius Rock?’ said Jack, squinting. Something red had sprung up in a hazy shimmer in the vicinity of a large expanse of water. ‘Must be,’ said Ben. ‘Didn’t Ambrosius tell us that the hellish prickle mesh covers the wholeContinue reading “Chapter 30 – The Mackle Ship”

Chapter 26 – Boab Plute

The unlikely trio of two boys, one shorter, and one taller, together with a monkey-like figure struggled through the untamed terrain. They were tired and hungry, but hopeful to meet up with the others soon. Just as dusk was falling, they discovered the many trees lingering in the distance. ‘Must be here then. Or whatContinue reading “Chapter 26 – Boab Plute”