Do You Write for Profit or Pleasure?

Right place to write 2

I write for pleasure and have done so for many years. I haven’t had the right inclination to try and get published. However, recently I completed my latest story and just have to give it hope. I’ve also started on a sequel where I’m up to more than 24,000 words right now. Yes, it’s  going great.

When I dream up stories for 9-13 year olds, I live the life together with my characters. Sometimes in a make-believe world. At other times in a more normal setting, but even then they may involve a bit of fantasy and magic. With my latest, I stumbled around for a couple of years in a dusky world where chilling adventures were bound to happen. That’s where I steered my protagonist towards unknown danger and it meant trouble. So, where did it take me? Nobody knows that I’m in there with them, but when the story finishes, I just step out of the story and go back to my normal life. Over all, I’ll keep on going with my stories wherever they take me because that’s what I do and what I like. Who doesn’t want a bit of magic in their lives? Even if having to invent their own adventures like I do.

How do you undertake your writing? Do you need a quiet place to work in solitude? Or with sounds and movements around?

I believe any place is right as long as you feel comfortable and able to work. Outside, inside, with your kids, or like me with a husband around, or alone. Some have TV or radio on, while others want a peaceful place to let the words flow. When the time and place is right, it usually works.

Do you know what Stephen King, the famous author, said: “Write a page a day, only 300 words, and in a year you have written a novel.”

Yes, it’s doable! Start today! Don’t leave it ’til tomorrow! Good luck! There’s always room for another writer.